0870 280 2390 eBay Contact Number

eBay is an accomplished company that serves as the middle man for those who wish to buy and sell items online. eBay contact number 0870 280 2390 can be used by both buyers and sellers to connect with an associate in the customer service department. As an official company, eBay has been in operation since 1995, and can be linked to its creator, Pierre Omidyar. eBay is based out of California, but does operate on a global scale. At present, the primary function of the company is to furnish a network for buying and selling, including auction-based sales and standard sales. eBay is the owner of over thirty country-specific websites at this time.

eBay Contact Number:
0870 280 2390

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The official contact number for eBay can be found on their website at http://www.ebay.co.uk

eBay Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 0870 280 2390
Complaints 0870 280 2390

Both buyers and sellers can learn more about the company by visiting their website (http://www.ebay.com). The website works to connect buyers and sellers, and features millions of auction and sales listings at any moment. There aren’t any fees in connection with using the site to buy products or services, but sellers will be subject to being charged various fees for posting and selling products on the website. The easiest way to contact eBay customer service is by phoning them by dialing 0870 280 2390. If you experience a problem with a purchased item, it is also possible to open up a case online in order to have eBay look into it and try to resolve the issue.

eBay Contact Information for Buyers

When shopping for goods or services on eBay, buyers are provided with various options for purchasing items. One way to go is to bid on items that are listed in auction format to try to win the item for a low price. The other method is to simply purchase a listing outright, provided that a set price for doing so is provided. If you would like help with becoming familiar with how shopping works on the site, contact eBay by phoning 0870 280 2390. For troubles with any item or service that was already purchased, the starting point is to get in touch with the seller. If the issue can’t be sorted out after talking with the seller, eBay help is accessible by way of telephone or by submitting a complaint online.

Buyers are encouraged to contact eBay if they require assistance with purchasing for an item, removing a bid, providing feedback for a merchant, determining shipping prices, making a return, or reporting an issue with a merchant. Some assistance is also provided for payments, but as PayPal is used for nearly all transactions, you may need to contact them rather than eBay if you experience payment problems. For assistance with other kinds of payment methods, such as money orders, get in touch with the seller or eBay.

eBay Phone Number for Sellers

People who list items for sale on eBay are permitted to showcase thousands of different items, with just a few restrictions. eBay contact number 0870 280 2390 can be dialed to connect with someone who can answer questions about selling on the site. Additionally, selling guides are provided on the website, and these contain information concerning how to list goods and services for sale on the site, and what the exact costs for selling will be.

eBay customer support for sellers is also available for:

  • Starting a seller account
  • Listing items for sale
  • Figuring out the fee system
  • Leaving feedback for buyers
  • Figuring out shipping costs & options
  • Generating shipping labels from the site
  • Working out problems with customers

People who are planning on selling items on the site are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the costs associated with doing so. In some cases, fees are charged for listing items for sale, whether those items sell or not. In all cases, fees are charged when an item sells, with the fee cost being a percentage of the final price. Usually, sellers end up paying 10% of the final price in fees, but the costs can vary based upon product categories, final sales prices, and more. Some sellers do receive discounted fees in exchange for maintaining a solid sales record (based on feedback), and reaching certain sales goals. Call the eBay customer service phone number mentioned above to make inquiries about selling fees.

eBay Help for Accounts

Everyone can create an account for free and help is offered if you would like to modify your account details or ask any questions about the billing process. eBay contact number 0871 683 1707 enables you to connect with a customer service rep who’s able to respond to all of your questions concerning setting up a new account or dealing with your current account. Get in touch with the customer service staff if you would like any help and support with buying or selling on eBay.

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