Top UK Companies

phoneWith technology advancing as quickly as it is, one would think that it would be easy to get in touch with a company. However, that could not be further from the truth, as many companies now try to push their customers and clients to either resolve their own issues, or ask for help via email. Here at Quick Phone Number, our goal is to provide you with a contact number for all of the top companies, making it easy to get in touch with each. That's right, you can now bypass the step of searching everyone on a website for a number and get straight to getting the answers you need.

Female Phone OperatorWhy do some companies make it so difficult to get in touch with them via phone? The answer is related to finances, pure and simple. It costs less to respond to inquiries via email than to respond to them via phone. In some cases, email is a perfectly suitable method of communication for getting basic questions answered, but what if you need answers quickly, and what if you prefer not to share personal information via email? In that case, you can use the contact numbers that we provide to connect to an actual person and get the help you need.

Social media has quickly become another viable way to get answers, but this method also presents a few problems. The same as email, answers may not come instantly, and in some cases, not at all. The problem of giving out personal information becomes even more important when using social media, as you certainly do not want thousands of people to be able to see your personal information. Answers to very basic questions about services, products, rates, and more can be found via social media, but this outlet is not a trusted method of communication for other matters.

Are there any other options? Online ticket systems are offered by some companies, but these work much the same as email and do not guarantee any quick response. In fact, in some cases it can take up to 24-hours to receive a response, and there is no guarantee that a problem will be solved upon first contact. It could take days of back-and-forth communication to solve a problem that could be solved in less than 10-minutes on the phone. For those who wish to get answers or solve a problem quickly, the choice is clear - calling customer service is the way to go.

0870 280 2399 Zenith Insurance Contact Number
Zenith insurance is a well known provider of both car and van insurance. They work hard to make sure that they are the best when it comes to insurance services and they won't stop until you are completely satisfied. It doesn't matter whether you need to get your van insured or whether you simply want [...]
0870 280 9462 Yorkshire Water Contact Number
Yorkshire Water is one of the top providers in Yorkshire when it comes to water and waste water related services. They work endlessly to make sure that all of their customers have a service they know they can count on while also making sure that they provide some of the finest water and waste water [...]
0870 280 9469 Wowcher Contact Number
Wowcher is one of the top sites on the internet when it comes to voucher savings and coupon codes. The reason why they are so popular is because they have deals and discounts available for thousands of companies and they are also happy to work with you to make sure that you can use their [...]
0870 280 2523 Working Tax Credit Phone Number
Working Tax Credits are given to those who are in the UK. It is only awarded to those who have a low income. It was introduced in 2003 and it is fully designed to top up wages, and it is paid by the HMRC. If you want the Working Tax Credit number or if you [...]
0870 280 2533 Wonga Contact Number
Wonga are known for being a top provider of short term loans. They understand that sometimes you just need a loan that will tide you over until payday but you don't want to go to the bank for this because the application process takes so long. That is why they focus on offering short term [...]
0870 280 2372 Welsh Water Contact Number
Welsh Water is a company that focuses on supplying drinking water to Wales and Western England. They also provide waste water services as well so you know you can count on them to give you the service you need and at a price you know you can afford. Welsh Water is under the Water Industry [...]
0870 280 2553 Hotmail Contact Number
Hotmail are one of the top providers when it comes to email services. When you create an account with them, you can expect a consistent level of support as well as a dedicated Hotmail help team who would be more than happy to give you assistance with any technical issues that you may be having. [...]
0870 280 2388 Scottish Power Contact Number
Scottish Power provides natural gas and electric energy service to home and business locations throughout the UK. If for any reason you need to make contact with the company, Scottish Power contact number 0870 280 2388 enables you to connect to an agent. Scottish Power has been offering energy services since 1990 and is presently [...]
0870 280 2560 EON Contact Number
Eon (E.ON) is a company that provides energy services throughout the UK. Eon contact number 0870 280 2560 can easily be made use of to get help with any topic connected to the services provided. The company delivers both natural gas and electricity service, and at this time supplies these services to millions of people. [...]
0870 280 2368 EDF Contact Number
EDF Energy is an company that delivers power and gas services to customers residing in the United Kingdom. Current and prospective clients, along with anyone else who wishes get in touch with this business can dial EDF contact number 0870 280 2368 to be connected with a representative. EDF provides millions of people with electricity [...]
0870 280 2392 British Gas contact number
British Gas is a provider of energy solutions to those who currently reside in the United Kingdom. Existing and future customers are free to use British Gas contact number 0870 280 2392 to make contact with a company representative. The company supplies two different energy services, gas and electricity, in addition to a number of [...]
0870 280 2570 Ryanair Contact Number
Ryanair is a company that maintains and operates hundreds of aircraft, offering travel to nearly two-hundred different locations. Known for offering low-cost flights, the company has been in business since 1985. Today, Ryanair is based in Dublin, and primarily operates out of this location, as well as out of London. The company also provides additional [...]
0870 280 2577 Groupon Contact Number
Groupon is company that is part of the e-commerce sector, and does operate on a global scale. If you need to get in touch with the company, Groupon customer service can be reached by calling 0870 280 2577. What the company provides is a platform that connects customers to businesses, and the service provides benefits [...]
0870 280 2370 ASOS Contact Number
ASOS is an online clothing merchant that offers apparel and beauty merchandise. If you wish to make contact with the company, ASOS contact number 0870 280 2370 may be used to talk with a customer service associate. ASOS has been in business for fifteen years and has always been a clothing retailer. The company is [...]
0870 280 2508 Very Contact Number
Very is an online retailer that offers products in many different categories, such as clothing, electronics, home & garden, toys, and more. The company launched their website ( in 2009, is owned by the Barclay Brothers, and is headquartered in Speke, Liverpool. In addition to products, Very offers various services such as home insurance, credit [...]
0870 280 2390 eBay Contact Number
eBay is an accomplished company that serves as the middle man for those who wish to buy and sell items online. eBay contact number 0870 280 2390 can be used by both buyers and sellers to connect with an associate in the customer service department. As an official company, eBay has been in operation since [...]
0870 280 2606 Apple Contact Number
With regards to technological devices, the Apple brand is one that nearly everyone is familiar with. Being one of the most popular companies in the world, Apple support is offered in a number of forms, and this includes phone support which may be utilized by phoning 0870 280 2606. Apple is famous for a number [...]
0870 280 2518 Amazon Contact Number
Amazon has been operating for over ten years and at this time is the top internet shopping website in the U.S. It is also one the largest in the world. Amazon started out selling books, but would soon expand to offering other types of media-related goods. Today, the company offers tens of thousands of different [...]
0870 280 2561 Paypal Contact Number
PayPal is a company that offers an online payment processing service. The company has been around since 1998, and since that time has come to be known as a trusted facilitator of online payments. PayPal offers online payment methods for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and more, supplying a secure method to exchange funds completely online. Should [...]
0870 280 2522 Student Finance Contact Number
Student Loans Company is a non-profit, government-owned organisation. SLC was established in 1989, with the goal being to provide loans and grants to students who wish to attend university in the United Kingdom. The SLC is funded by the UK government, in conjunction with the devolved administrations, and is responsible for both providing student loans [...]
0870 280 2504 Tesco Mobile Contact Number
Tesco Mobile offers cell phones and phone service primarily via the O2 network. Although the company offers service in several different countries, it is most popular in the United Kingdom, where it boasts 99% network coverage. Tesco Mobile was founded in 2003, and is currently headquartered in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. If you need to [...]
0870 280 2383 Three Contact Number
Three is a provider of telephone and internet services, and has been in business since 2003. Three sells devices such as smartphones and tablets, along with connection services for those devices. The company is based in the UK, and is presently capable of providing supply coverage to more than 97% of the nation. If you [...]
0870 280 2597 Vodafone Contact Number
Vodafone offers a variety of telecom services and has been doing so since launching in 1991. The company has positioned its headquarters in London and at this time is one of the largest telecom companies globally. Although based in the UK, Vodafone makes it services available in a number of countries around the world, via [...]
0870 280 2386 Hastings Direct Contact Number
Hastings Direct is an insurance company that was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Bexhill, UK. If you're looking for a way to contact the company, Hastings Direct contact number 0870 280 2386 can be used to connect with the customer service department. Several insurance products are offered by the company, including cover for [...]
0870 280 2529 Admiral Contact Number
Admiral is an insurance company that has been in business since 1993. Although well-known for offering car insurance, the company also offers several other insurance products, such as home, travel, and life insurance. Admiral was founded by Henry Engelhardt, and is a part of the Admiral Group, which is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales. Admiral contact [...]
0870 280 2395 DVLA Contact Number
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has existed since 1965 and today, the DVLA operates as an integral part of The Department for Transport. For those who need help, DVLA contact number 0870 280 2395 enables you to make contact with the department to discuss anything connected to operating an automobile. The Driver and Vehicle [...]
0870 280 2566 HMRC Contact Number
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), is one of several branches of government in the UK. HMRC contact number 0870 280 2566 can be used to reach the main line, where you can speak with someone who can answer any questions that you might have about taxes or benefits. This branch of government has a [...]
0870 280 2564 Sky Contact Number
Sky is a company that provides a variety of services, including home phone, television, and broadband internet. If you need to make contact with Sky customer services, telephone number 0870 280 2564 may be used. Sky, as we know it today, has existed since 1990, when a merger came about between Sky Television and British [...]
0870 280 2558 My Hermes Contact Number
myHermes is a parcel delivery service that launched in 2009. By 2011, the company had delivered its first million parcels, and had reached three million by 2013. Last year, over 200 million parcels were delivered. The company allows customers to ship items from various local Parcel Shops, and also allows customers to print postage online [...]
0870 280 9468 Virgin Mobile Contact Number
Virgin Mobile is one of the top providers in the UK when it comes to contract phones. They provide a quality service to every single customer. One way that they do this is by offering very affordable contracts with plenty of alternative options, so you know you can count on them to give you what [...]
0870 280 2394 Virgin Media Contact Number
Virgin Media provide mobile, television and broadband services. They have headquarters based in the UK, in Hook, Hampshire. You will also find that they are expert when it comes to providing a good customer service and that they are always happy to work with you to meet your every need and more so it doesn't [...]
0870 280 2559 Vanquis Contact Number
Vanquis is a major provider when it comes to credit cards in the UK. They work endlessly to make sure that those who do have poor credit are given every opportunity to repair it, while also providing a range of services that are designed to meet your every need and more. If you want the [...]
0870 280 2584 Utility Warehouse Contact Number
The Utility Warehouse specialises in phone, broadband and internet related services and they can also provide you with energy services as well. This alone makes them stand out from the other competitors that are on the market and they are always striving to provide a better service to their customers. Of course, if you want [...]
0870 280 2579 Utilita Contact Number
Utilita are the number one choice when it comes to pre-paid energy cards. They believe that when you know how much you are spending on a day to day basis, you will be more likely to save in the future. That is why they offer pre-paid energy cards that show you how many days of [...]
0870 280 2557 UPS Contact Number
UPS stands for the United Parcel Service. They make sure that when you use their services, you get the parcel that you want delivered on time and without any compromise. You will also find that when you hire their services, that they can provide you with tracking as well and this is ideal if you [...]
0870 280 2535 Universal Credit Phone Number
Universal Credit is a welfare that launched in the UK in 2013. It is fully designed to replace Job Seekers, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefits, Child Tax Credit, Support Allowance and Income Support. If you want the Universal Credit number or if you want the Universal Credit phone number so you can talk to them [...]
0870 280 9461 United Utilities Contact Number
United Utilities is the largest water company in the UK and they were formed when North West Water and NORWEB joined together. United Utilities help to manage the water network in the North West and this includes Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire and more. If you want the United Utilities contact or if you need the United [...]
0870 280 2545 UKBA Contact Number
The UKBA is responsible for maintaining the border for the UK. It was formed as an executive agency and they decided to create a single border control organisation after a cabinet office report. Rob Whiteman became the chief executive in 2011 and they have over 23,000 people working for them in 130 countries. If you [...]
0870 280 2601 Uk Mail Contact Number
UK Mail is often thought of as being one of the top mail delivery services in England. They are able to deliver parcels, packages and more with ease, not to mention that they also offer tracking as well so you know you can count on them to give you what you need. If you need [...]
0870 280 2371 UCAS Contact Number
UCAS are known for providing college courses for undergraduates. They have a range of courses to choose from and they can also help you with your interview as well. On top of this, if there is a specific position that you would like to study in, they can help you with the study process as [...]
0870 280 2501 Tv Licence Contact Number
If you want to watch TV in your home then you will need to make sure that you have a TV licence. You can do this by calling the TV licence number, but that's not all they can do for you. You will also find that when you call the TV licence contact number, that [...]
0870 280 2500 TNT Contact Number
TNT is a top provider when it comes to international shipments. They provide services in the UK but their main speciality lies within overseas shipping and tracking. You will also find that TNT would be more than happy to help you with any business shipments that you might have as well so you know you [...]
0870 280 2599 Thomson Contact Number
Thomson is a major provider when it comes to great holidays and they are known for offering some of the best deals around as well. The best thing about Thomson holidays is that they can offer you great holiday deals while also giving you a price that you know you can afford, so there really [...]
0870 280 2602 Thomas Cook Contact Number
Thomas Cook is a UK provider of flights, hotels, cruises and more. They try and make sure that their prices are some of the lowest around as well as making sure that their customers get the very best experience when using their company. Another thing that you should know about Thomas Cook is that they [...]
0870 280 2591 Thames Water Contact Number
Thames Water is a top water provider that is based in the UK. They work hard to make sure that every single one of their customers has an affordable water bill as well as making sure that their customers are completely covered in terms of leak protection as well. Of course, if you want the [...]
0870 280 2532 TFL Contact Number
TFL are the main provider when it comes to transportation in London. They work endlessly to make sure that every single one of their customers are kept updated about the trains in London as well as ensuring that they provide a quality service all-round. If you want the TFL contact number or if you want [...]
0870 280 2391 Tesco Direct Phone Number
Tesco Direct is a quality provider when it comes to entertainment and other home related products. They have a huge range available and everything is done online so you can get the product you want and at a price you can afford. If you want the Tesco Direct contact or if you need the Tesco [...]
0870 280 9465 Tesco Credit Card Contact Number
If you want a quality credit card company that you can count on then you know you have come to the right place. Tesco always make sure that their customers have the best possible experience when they use their company and this is one of the many things that helps them to stand apart from [...]
0870 280 7684 Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number
Tesco are a known provider of car insurance in the UK. They work endlessly to make sure that they give their customers a great cover policy and at a very low price. Tesco Car Insurance are also known for providing an excellent support network to those who have been in an accident, so you know [...]
0870 280 2376 Tax Rebate Phone Number
If you think you are due a tax rebate then you should certainly think about calling the tax rebate number. The tax rebate phone will put you in touch with the tax customer service team and they will be able to help you work out how much you have earned and how much you are [...]
0870 280 2385 Tax Credits Phone Number
If you have a child then there is a high chance that you will be eligible for tax credits. If you do not have any children then you may still be liable for a tax credit as long as your wage and your working hours are below a certain amount. Of course, if you want [...]
0870 280 2389 Talktalk Phone Number
Talk Talk are a major provider when it comes to TV and broadband services. They work endlessly to make sure that they have some of the lowest prices around while also providing their customers with a quality service from start to finish. If you want the TalkTalk phone number or if you want to see [...]
0870 280 7683 Swiftcover Contact Number
SwiftCover is a top UK based insurance provider. They are based entirely online and they focus on getting insurance policies sorted out quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time concentrating on the more important things in life. If you need the SwiftCover contact number or if you want the SwiftCover phone number so [...]
0870 280 2367 SWALEC Contact Number
SWALEC is one of the best providers when it comes to UK energy. They provide everything from energy to phone and broadband to heating as well. This alone makes the go-to company when it comes to just about anything so you know you can trust in them to give you what you need, when you [...]
0870 280 2544 SSE Contact Number
SSE PLC is an energy company that is based in Britain. They are based in Perth, Scotland and they provide energy and gas services to the UK and Ireland. Their energy services are some of the most affordable around and when you go to them, you can expect a top quality service without any compromise. [...]
0870 280 2543 Southern Water Contact Number
Southern Water are expert when it comes to providing quality waste water services. They understand more than anyone the importance of providing a good customer service and that is one of the reasons why their customers continue to choose them as their number one company. If you do want to call the Southern Water contact [...]
0870 280 2502 Southern Electric Contact Number
Southern Electric is a quality provider of electricity services in the UK. They focus on providing their customers with low prices and great services and this is one of the many reasons why people continue to choose them as their company. Why don't you call the Southern Electric contact number today to find out more [...]
0870 280 2594 Social Fund Contact Number
Social Fund focuses on providing loans to those who are in crisis and they also work to make sure that those who have a low income are always able to access the money they need, when they need it. If you need the Social Fund number or if you would like the Social Fund contact [...]
0870 280 2573 Sheilas Wheels Contact Number
Sheilas Wheels is an insurance company that is designed for women. They offer competitive rates on car, pet, home and health insurance, not to mention that they are also happy to help and support you if you have any questions along the way. If you want the Sheilas Wheels contact number then it can be [...]
0870 280 2605 See Tickets Phone Number
See Tickets is one of the top providers when it comes to ticket sales in the UK. The reason why a lot of people go to them over other ticket providers on the internet is because they have plenty of pre-sale offers available for certain gigs and in some instances you can choose your own [...]
0870 280 2507 Scottish Gas Phone Number
Scottish Gas is one of the top providers in the UK when it comes to cheap gas services. They can show you how to be more energy efficient in your home and they can also show you how you can save money when you're trying to cut back on your monthly bill as well. If [...]
0870 280 2379 Santander Contact Number
Santander is a UK bank that is based in the UK. They focus on offering competitive deals when it comes to mortgages and they can also provide you with the help and support you need when it comes to your credit cards as well. On top of this they can also provide you with debit [...]
0870 280 2542 Samsung Contact Number
Samsung is a Korean owned company that specialise in technology. The company was started by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938 and they originally started out as a trading company who deal with securities, insurance, textiles and retail. They branched out into the technology industry in 1960 and ever since then they have experienced a huge amount [...]
0870 280 2586 SAAS Contact Number
The Student Awards Agency is a part of the Scottish government. They support Scottish students by paying for all of their university fees and they also offer supplementary grants as well. On top of this, they also help those who want to apply for a loan, so there are plenty of benefits available when you [...]
0870 280 2550 RBS Contact Number
The Royal Bank of Scotland is a banking provider based in the UK. They focus on offering great deals on mortgages and other savings so you can be sure to trust in them when you need some financial aid. If you want the RBS customer service number or if you want the RBS contact number [...]
0870 280 2593 RAC Contact Number
RAC is a top automotive company that is based in the West Midlands. They are in competition with the AA and they focus on providing top quality breakdown cover services to anyone who hires them. You will also find that they are very affordable as well so you know you can count on them to [...]
0870 280 2381 Quote Me Happy Contact Number
Quote Me Happy is a top provider when it comes to UK car insurance. They focus on providing great deals with great coverage and this is one of the many reasons why people continue to choose them as their car insurance company. If you want the Quote Me Happy contact number or if you want [...]
0870 280 2539 Plusnet Phone Number
PlusNet is an ISP based in Britain. They were founded in 1997 and they were based in Sheffield, before they were acquired by BT. They have over 750,000 customers in the UK and they are one of the best ISP companies as well when you look at their customer service team. If you want to [...]
0870 280 2568 PIP Contact Number
PIP stands for Personal Independence Payment and it is a welfare that is given out to residents in the UK. If you want to get the payment then you will need to prove that you need help with a disability or your health condition. PIP can be paid to you if you are unemployed or [...]
0870 280 2373 Passport Office Contact Number
The Passport Office is a division of the Home Office and they were formed in 2006. They can help you with your passport and they can also tell you about any problems that they might have had with the processing as well. The best thing about the Passport Office is that they can give you [...]
0870 280 2398 Parking Eye Contact Number
Parking Eye is a unique company that provide a huge range of services to their customers. They make sure that when you own a business, that your customers aren't compromised when it comes to their parking. They do this by watching those who are not using your car park for the intended purpose, increasing your [...]
0870 280 2600 Parcelforce Contact Number
Parcelforce are one of the top delivery companies in the UK. They provide services all up and down the country and they are always trying to expand their services so you know you can count on them for just about anything. The reason why Parcelforce are so successful is because they are completely dedicated to [...]
0870 280 2554 On The Beach Contact Number
On The Beach is a travel realtor that is based in the UK. They specialise in both short and medium holidays to Europe and the company was founded in 2004 by someone called Simon Cooper. They are based in Manchester and they have plenty of deals available. The best thing about On The Beach is [...]
0870 280 2571 O2 Contact Number
If you need to contact O2 then you have certainly come to the right place. O2 are one of the biggest mobile phone network providers in the UK and they have an endless stream of contract phones, pay as you go phones and accessories available. When you take out a contract with them, you can [...]
0870 280 2595 Now Tv Contact Number
NOW TV is an internet television service that is actually owned by SKY. It launched in 2012 and it enables viewers to watch TV on their computer, games console or any other related device. One thing that you should note about this is that it is not available through the SKY television service and it [...]
0870 280 2567 Netflix Contact Number
Netflix remain to be one of the biggest online TV providers at the moment and they are always expanding into new industries as well so you know you can count on them for just about anything. The reason why Netflix is so successful is because you can watch a range of TV shows online and [...]
0870 280 2563 Natwest Contact Number
Natwest is a top banking provider that is based in the UK. They focus on offering competitive mortgages and other financial related supports to try and get customers to feel more confident about their own financial situation. They can also offer credit and debit cards, so you really can get everything you need and more, [...]
0870 280 2530 National Rail Phone Number
National Rail is one of the top train booking services in the UK. When you log on to the website, you will be able to book a train to just about anywhere in the UK and there are plenty of customisable options available as well. The best thing about National Rail is that you can [...]
0870 280 2503 National Insurance Contact Number
National Insurance is a system of contributions that is paid by all workers that reside in the UK. If you are self employed then you may pay this weekly or even monthly and it will all be done on a set threshold. Of course, there are also voluntary contributions available as well so you know [...]
0870 280 2384 National Express Contact Number
The National Express focus on providing a range of transportation services that are fully designed to meet their customer's every need and more. They have operated in the UK for years now and they have all the experience you need to ensure a hassle free and stress free journey. If you want the National Express [...]
0870 280 2585 Npower Contact Number
NPower is an energy and electricity provider that is based in the UK. They provide gas and electricity to homes and to businesses, not to mention that they are also considered to be part of the Big Six as well so you know you can count on them for just about anything you need. In [...]
0870 280 2583 Missguided Contact Number
Missguided are an online fashion company who focus on releasing their own brands at very competitive prices. They are known for their unique designs and forward thinking attitudes. This is reflected in their brand and the clothes that they have to offer, making them one of the top brands in the industry when it comes [...]
0870 280 2393 Microsoft Contact Number
Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 because they wanted to develop interpreters for Altair. They then experienced a lot of success when they moved to the personal computer OS system in the 80's and ever since then they have been one of the top computing companies in the world. The [...]
0870 280 2565 MBNA Contact Number
MBNA is the top provider when it comes to bank holding and other related services. They have headquarters that are based in Wilmington, Delaware and they are now owned by the Bank of America. They are also a top provider when it comes to UK credit cards and this is one of the many things [...]
0870 280 2552 Maternity Allowance Contact Number
Maternity Allowance is given to those who live in the UK. It is a state benefit for women who are working but it only covers those who aren't eligible for statutory maternity pay. Of course, if you are having problems with your maternity pay or if you need to contact the Maternity Allowance number then [...]
0870 280 9467 Littlewoods Contact Number
Littlewoods is a retail company that started out in Liverpool in 1923. It quickly became the largest company in Europe by the year 1980 but it started to get a lot of competition from rivals and from the internet. After this happened, they adapted into a mail-ordering service and since then they have experienced plenty [...]
0870 280 2547 Land Registry Contact Number
The Land Registry is under the registration act of 2002. It was created in 1862 in an attempt to clarify the ownership of a set piece of land or property anywhere in England or Wales and it was also used to report the Ministry of Justice as well. If you are in Scotland then you [...]
0870 280 2520 Just Eat Contact Number
Just Eat is an online service that acts as an intermediary between takeaway providers and customers. They have headquarters in the UK and at the moment they offer their services in over 13 countries in both Europe and South America. When you order online through Just Eat, you will find that you can pick and [...]
0870 280 2519 JSA Phone Number
JSA is an unemployment benefit that is actually paid by the government. It is given to those who do not have a job, but are looking for work. It is part of the benefits system and it is designed to cover any expenses that the individual may experience while they are out of work. If [...]
0870 280 2590 itunes Contact Number
iTunes is a software that has been designed by Apple. It is required if you own any piece of Apple software and it is fully designed to help you transfer your music from your laptop or desktop to your computer. iTunes is one of the top music and video transfer software products on the market [...]
0870 280 2589 Home Office Contact Number
The Home Office or the HO is a department of the government in the UK. They are responsible for the police and the MI5 as well, not to mention that they also monitor security related issues that may arise in the UK. This includes drugs, ID cards and so much more. If you need the [...]
0870 280 2526 Income Support Contact Number
A child tax credit bonus or an income support allowance is given to those who earn under $110,000 a year, or £42,000 a year. You can only claim income support if you earn under this amount every single year but it is possible for you to find out more about this by calling the income [...]
0870 280 2387 Halifax Contact Number
Halifax was formally known as the Halifax Building Society and they are a banking chain that is based in the UK. They are a division of the Bank of Scotland. They are also a subsidiary of Lloyds banking group as well, and they are one of the biggest providers in the UK when it comes [...]
0870 280 2515 Gumtree Contact Number
Gumtree is one of the largest providers when it comes to classified advertisements online. The classified advertisements on the site can be paid for or they can be listed as free depending on the category and market, not to mention that in 2010 it was the UK's largest website in terms of local ads. The [...]
0870 280 2576 Go Skippy Contact Number
GoSkippy is an insurance broker that is completely independent. They are fully designed to offer the most competitive prices while also making sure that you have everything you need to feel confident about your insurance policy. On top of this, they can also offer you packages that will compliment your existing insurance as well so [...]
0870 280 2510 Giffgaff Contact Number
GiffGaff opened up in 2010 and they won two industry awards in their first year. They were also nominated for the marketing society brand of the year, but they lost out to John Lewis. In the year 2012 they were nominated for being the best MVNO and in 2014 they also won the best telecom [...]
0870 280 2505 Game Contact Number
GAME is one of the top game and console providers in the UK. They are known for their cheap console deals and new game releases, not to mention that they also have a point reward scheme as well so you know that you can always save when you choose them over other providers. The GAME [...]
0870 280 2546 Flybe Contact Number
Flybe is a low cost airline that is based in Exeter. They are the largest regional airline in Europe and they launched in 1979. In 1983 they were sold to the Walker Steel Group and they also owned Aviation at the time. The airlines were merged and then they were renamed to the British European [...]
0870 280 9460 First Utility Contact Number
First Utility is a major supplier when it comes to gas and electricity in the UK. They are based in Warwick and in 2013 they were ranked as being the 7th biggest supplier in the United Kingdom. Of course, there is the Big 6 but First Utility are also known for having a relationship with [...]
0870 280 2511 Fedex Contact Number
FedEx are an American company and they are also a global courier service as well. They are based in Memphis, Tennessee and the name comes from an abbreviation of the previous company name, which was actually Federal Express. They used this name from 1973 until 2000 and ever since then, they have become the number [...]
0870 280 2587 Experian Contact Number
Experian are a global services group who have operations in over 40 countries. They are always expanding and they have headquarters based in Nottingham, California, Sao Paulo and Heredia. On top of this, they also have offices in Dublin and the Republic of Ireland. They have over 17,000 employees and they are known for being [...]
0870 280 9470 Expedia Contact Number
Expedia are one of the top travel companies in the UK. They launched in 1996 and they are Microsoft's very first internet property. Bill Gates made the property a public company and this really did put Microsoft on the map. The internet based travel website have headquarters in Washington however there are also localised websites [...]
0870 280 2596 Esure Contact Number
Esure is an internet based insurance company who are based in Surrey. They also have some offices based in Glasgow and Manchester, not to mention that they are also listed as being a company on the London stock exchange. The company of Esure was founded in the year 2000 by the same person who launched [...]
0870 280 2397 Equifax Contact Number
Equifax is a credit reporting agency which is based in the US. They are thought of as being one of the biggest credit agencies out there and they are in competition with Experian. They were founded in 1899 and they are one of the oldest agencies out there, with over 400 million credit holders across [...]
0870 280 2580 Emirates Contact Number
Emirates are based in Dubai and it is the largest airline that is based in the Middle East. They send out over 3,300 flights every single week from the Dubai international airport and they do this to over 148 cities in over 78 countries. Of course, customer service is always at the forefront of what [...]
0870 280 2512 EE Contact Number
EE were formally known as Everything Everywhere and they formed in 2010. It is currently the largest mobile operator in the United Kingdom and they are based in Hatfield. On top of this, they also have offices in Bristol, North Tyneside, London, Leeds and Darlington. BT have announced in 2015 that they are going to [...]
0870 280 2531 Easyjet Contact Number
Easyjet are a British airline who focus on providing a low cost service to all of their customers. It is the biggest airline in the UK when you look at the number of passengers that they carry every day and you will also find that they operate a domestic and an international service over 700 [...]
0870 280 2555 DWP Contact Number
The DWP stands for the Department for Work and Pensions and it is the largest government dept in the UK. They have four organisations and this includes the Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service, the Child Maintenance Group and the Disability and Carers Group. The Jobcentre department works to ensure that those who are not in [...]
0870 280 2506 DPS Contact Number
The DPS are a quality company who focus on protecting those who want to make a safe deposit. With so many fraudsters out there who try and request deposit payments over the phone, there has never been a better time for you to hire the DPS and they can make sure that as a landlord, [...]
0870 280 2377 DPD Contact Number
The DPD is an international delivery service that is owned and managed by GeoPost. They have over 830 departments in over 40 countries and they are one of the current leaders when it comes to B2B services. They were founded in 1977 in Germany and ever since then they have been voted as being one [...]
0870 280 2538 DLA Contact Number
DLA stands for Disability Living Allowance and it is a benefit that is given to those who live in the UK. It was first introduced in 1992 and ever since then it has given families the help and support they need to truly feel confident about their own finances. It is for adults only and [...]
0870 280 7681 Direct Line Contact Number
Direct Line is part of the Direct Line group and they focus on providing their customers with insurance related services. They do this all over the telephone and the internet, and that was one of the reasons how they got their name. Their logo is a red telephone on a set of wheels and it [...]
0870 280 2574 Diamond Car Insurance Contact Number
Diamond is a car insurance provider that is geared towards women. They offer several benefits and services that are fully designed to meet your every need and more, including handbag contents insurance and child car seat cover as well. With a 24 hour accident helpline and windscreen repair services also available, it has never been [...]
0870 280 2517 DBS Contact Number
The DBS are responsible for checking people's criminal records, if there is one present. You will need to have a DBS done if you plan to work as a volunteer or if you plan to work with children. You may also need to contact the DBS if you plan to foster a child, but it [...]
0870 280 2528 Currys Contact Number
Currys are a UK provider of high end computer technology and other related gadgets. They work endlessly to make sure that their services are the best that they can be and this is reflected through their stellar customer service. If you want to contact Currys customer service or if you need the Currys contact number [...]
0870 280 2534 Credit Expert Contact Number
Credit Expert is a leading provider when it comes to providing customers with a credit report that accurately reflects the credit that they have and the reasons why they have low credit in the first place. On top of this, Credit Expert can also help you to increase your credit rating by providing you with [...]
0870 280 2378 Co Op Bank Phone Number
The co-op is a retail bank that is located in the UK. The bank itself is a very ethical bank and they refuse to invest with those who are involved with fossil extraction, genetic engineering and animal testing. The ethical policy that they are involved in started up in 1992 and ever since then they [...]
0870 280 2513 Child Tax Credit Contact Number
The CSA is a section of the Department for Work and Pensions. It launched in 1993 and it is responsible for enforcing the Child Support Act which came into place in 1991. The CSA are also responsible for working out how much child maintenance is due and they also handle the transferral of any payments [...]
0870 280 2548 CSA Contact Number
The CSA is a section of the Department for Work and Pensions. It launched in 1993 and it is responsible for enforcing the Child Support Act which came into place in 1991. The CSA are also responsible for working out how much child maintenance is due and they also handle the transferral of any payments [...]
0870 280 2541 Child Benefit Contact Number
In most of the countries that do accept child benefits, you are given a set amount based on the number of children that you have. The number of programs in America are also linked to enrolment in schools and health check-ups as well. In the UK during the year 2011, the CentreForum posted an additional [...]
0870 280 2396 CEX Contact Number
CEX are one of the top technology and gaming providers in the UK when it comes to pre-owned goods and they have rapidly made a name for themselves by undercutting other companies in terms of the price and quality of the products that they have to offer. If you want the CEX contact number then [...]
0870 280 2569 Carers Allowance Phone Number
Carers Allowance is a set payment of £62.10 and it helps you to look after someone who has outstanding care requirements. According to the requirements, you don't need to be related to the person that you are caring for and you don't need to live with them either. You do need to spend 35 hours [...]
0870 280 2374 Capital One Contact Number
Capital One is an American based holding company who specialise in credit cards, loans and other saving products. They are the 8th largest banking company in the US and they have over 963 branches in total. On top of this, they also have 10 cafe style locations and they are the 4th largest customer for [...]
0870 280 2537 Buy As You View Contact Number
Buy As You View is a retail finance company who first got their name in 1972. Founded in Wales, they operate in the North East, Yorkshire, the North West, Scotland and the Midlands. Soon after, they launched online careers and ever since then they have been providing a quality service to every single one of [...]
0870 280 9464 Budgeting Loan Contact Number
If you need a budgeting loan then here you will find everything that you need to know about what you can use it for and you can also find the budgeting loan contact number below as well. You can use the budgeting loan to pay for things such as furniture or even the cost of [...]
0870 280 2556 BT Phone Number
BT is a holding company that own British Telecommunications. They have head offices that are based in London and they operate in over 170 countries across the world. BT was founded in 1980 and they privatised in 1984 when they sold over 50% of company shares to their investors. If you want to get in [...]
0870 280 2514 British Airways Contact Number
British Airways is the flag carrier line for the UK. Based on the size of the fleet, it is also the biggest airline in the UK. It was established in 1972 and it was first created to manage the two nationalized corporations. In 1974 all of the companies were merged to create the company now [...]
0870 280 2582 Booking.Com Contact Number is a website that actually started up in Enschede in the year 1996. They were based in Amsterdam and they are owned by the US company Priceline. They have over 700,000 properties that are under contract and they have over 900,000 room reservations per day. With over 41 languages available, it really is no [...]
0870 280 9466 Boohoo Contact Number
BooHoo was founded as and it is an internet company that originally came about when Swedes Ernst Malmsten, Patrik Hedelin and Kajsa Leander went out of business because of the dot-com boom. At first they experienced plenty of delays but since autumn of 1999, they turned it all around and success was soon on the [...]
0870 280 2604 Barclaycard Contact Number
Barclaycard is a section of Barclay's banking and it is a global payment establishment. The Barclaycard was the first credit card to be introduced to the UK however the main competitor was American Express at the time. Barclaycard is now a part of the Visa network and it is also a member of the Mastercard [...]
0870 280 2575 AXA Car Insurance Phone Number
AXA are one of the top car insurance companies in the UK. They are a French insurance company and they handle everything from financial services to investment management and even global insurance so you know you can always get the service you need and at a price you know you can afford. They operate in [...]
0870 280 7682 Aviva Contact Number
Aviva is known for being a multinational insurance company with headquarters based in and around London. They have 34 million customers on average and this is across 16 countries in total. They are the largest general insurance provider in the UK and they also provide insurance to those who live in Canada, Europe, Asia and [...]
0870 280 2369 Aol Contact Number
AOL was purchased by the Carphone Warehouse in 2006, making it the third largest internet provider in the UK. The president of the company also resigned in this year, making the new leader Carlo d'Asaro Biondo who was previously the managing director of AOL France. AOL are known for being one of the top internet [...]
0870 280 9463 Anglian Water Contact Number
Anglian Water is a water provider that mainly operates in the East of England. They are regulated under the 1991 act and they provide water to Essex, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedford and so much more. If you want the Anglian Water contact number then it can be found here: 0870 280 9463. The Anglian water contact [...]
0870 280 2516 Affinity Water Contact Number
Affinity water is a water supply provider that is currently owned by M&G Investments and Morgan Stanley. The sub-divisions were established under the Affinity brand in 2012 and ever since then they have become a dominant force in the industry. They supply water to Greater London, Surrey, Essex, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, with many more locations [...]
0870 280 2572 AA Contact Number
The AA was founded in 1905 and in 1999 they became a limited company who focuses on providing everything from driving lessons to breakdown cover and even loans. If you need an AA contact number then simply look below and give them a call today. The AA motoring trust was established in 2002 and they [...]
0870 280 2524 1st Central Contact Number
1st Central is an insurance company that was founded in 2008 by Ken Acott, Mike Leonard and Patrick Tilley. Originally, the website was founded so they could take advantage of various price comparison websites, meaning that they could distribute quality insurance policies faster and easier than ever before. If you want the 1st central contact [...]